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10604NAT Certificate IV in Safety Leadership (WHS) – Construction

The award-winning construction industry safety leadership benchmark.

About the course content

Many of our programs with Safety Dimensions can lead into our award winning nationally recognised qualification 10604NAT Certificate IV in Safety Leadership (WHS) – Construction. Designed for the construction industry, the program can be tailored to fit your organisational culture and your unique way of working.

This award winning structure, endorsed by the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner, has been deemed by the construction industry as a benchmark for all leaders who hold a safety critical position.This practical and interactive behavioural safety leadership program is based on the research of the Cooperative Research Centre for Construction Innovation.

In this program participants learn the critical Safety Management Tasks (SMT) that a leader in the industry should be competent in and learn about HOW to use apply these skills in Safety Leadership to ensure a long term safety culture is developed and for your organisations unique way of working.

The key focus of the program is how these skills are applied in the workplace to ensure a long term safety culture is developed and maintained.

A non-accredited version of this program is also available, if required.

Learning outcomes

This program covers:

  • Improving your understanding of how to predict and prevent safety incidents
  • Moving from lag thinking to lead indicators everyday
  • Understanding and applying your legal obligations as a leader
  • Learning how to influence people at all levels to change their thinking and actions every day to be safer
  • Discovering how to get others to take responsibility for their own safety
  • Identifying what ‘great safety’ looks like and developing strategies to move towards it
  • Determining why people behave unsafely and learning how to resolve workplace difficulties
  • Determining best practice risk management strategies and application in the construction industry
  • Conducting observations and inspections that deliver instant personal corrective actions
  • Implementing self assessment tools to uncover things that could go wrong – obvious and less obvious
  • Managing contractors – what different strategies are needed?
  • Conducting toolbox and pre-start meetings that are interactive, effective and get people thinking and adding their ideas for improvement
  • Reviewing near misses and incidents, and reporting with corrective actions and plans that solve the root cause
  • Participating in health and safety committee meetings and have a powerful impact
  • Identifying new ideas to continuously improve safety so it becomes ‘part of the way we work around here’.
Course Units
Unit Code Unit(s) of Competency Core/ Elective
MSMSUP280 Manage conflict at work Core
BSBLDR402 Lead effective workplace relationships Core
BSBLDR403 Lead team effectiveness Core
CPCCBC4002A Manage occupational health and safety in the building and construction workplace Core
SLCSRL401 Establish effective Positive Safety Culture programs Core
SLCSRL402 Implement construction industry work health and safety legislation Core
SLCOBI404 Perform work health and safety observations and inspections Core
SLCPII403 Participate in incident investigations Core
BSBWHS403 Contribute to implementing and maintaining WHS consultation and participation processes Elective
BSBWHS404 Contribute to WHS hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control Elective
SLCSCM406 Implement and monitor subcontractor work health and safety requirements Elective
SLCAUD407 Conduct work health and safety system, element and compliance audits Elective

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Program Format

We customise this program for your specific industry and workplace and deliver it on-site all around Australia.

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