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Organisational success relies on the capability, performance and energy of its people. Ensuring your key leaders, managers and supervisors are equipped with the right knowledge and skills to harness and focus their capability is critical.

Leadership Dimensions specialises in the performance, productivity and development of your people. Whether it’s through developing leadership potential, productivity, performance skills, project management, relationship development or team development, Leadership Dimensions works to develop empowered, engaged and high-performing people bring their best to create thriving organisations.

Our highly practical programs blend the latest techniques for managing yourself and others in an ever-changing workplace, with proven approaches and strategies that help leaders get the best from their people.

How we work

Nothing is more important to an organisation’s future than the selection and development of its future leaders. Without a clear plan for organisational leadership, having strong leaders becomes more luck than design.

Leadership Dimensions has over 25 years of experience partnering with clients throughout Australia and New Zealand (and wider afield) and has become a market leader in providing leadership consulting, instructional design, performance management, organisational consulting, facilitation and training delivery.

Our programs suit supervisors, and emerging and frontline leaders, who need the know-how to successfully lead people. Managing other people effectively requires specific skills that can be learned and our programs teach frontline leaders skills to engage their teams, assume accountability, strengthen trust and contribute towards continuous improvement.

As a result:

  • Our clients see the return on investment as the in-house talent potential is built and realised.
  • We use best practice research and partner with academics to ensure robust and sustainable solutions.
  • Finally, because of our extensive industry experience, we deliver a high quality solution at low risk to our clients.

Our services encompass consulting, coaching, training and embedding.

In our experience, people are often promoted in leadership roles because they are great at doing a job but lack the specific skills required to lead others. Through completing programs with Leadership Dimensions, high performance emerging leaders are better equipped to move into more challenging opportunities within the organisation.

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