Face-to-face training

The learning environment and rapport created in the training room enables participants to feel at ease and actively participate and engage in the learning process. We understand that people learn in a variety of ways and therefore employ a wide variety of learning activities from reflective to experiential and practical to theoretical. Our facilitators are also very skilled in demonstrating flexibility in their own style to shift the energy, group dynamics and learning preferences of the group they are working with.

Live-facilitated interactive online training

Bringing people together in a central location for training or meetings often creates unnecessary expense. This is where LDN can help. Our belief has always been that location should not be a barrier to receiving an engaging, excellent high-quality education.

Traditionally online training involves video or document-based tuition, is often self-paced and leaves the participant with no opportunity to ask questions or become engaged through involvement and, more importantly, does not flex to individuals’ different learning styles.

Our live and interactive, facilitator-led training brings your teams together utilising the most up-to-date video conferencing software (Teams/Zoom).

All programs are delivered in real-time, by our highly skilled and engaging facilitators and utilises the full range of adult learning tools including small group discussions (breakout rooms), online polls, role-playing, quizzes and individual and group activities. Our programs are accessed by participants through their own laptop, computer or iPad and full support is provided to ensure set-up and attendance is easy, even for those who do not often use computers.

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