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How diversity and inclusion can attract talent and spark innovation

The war for talent is beginning to heat up again. Factors influencing this are staff shortages, reductions in international work visas, more opportunities for people to work remotely or flexibly, and a change in the business landscape after two years of the pandemic. This includes the concept of the ‘great resignation’ where workers are reassessing if their current workplaces and

Getting buy-in for new policies and procedures

Getting buy-in to new policies or procedures can be very difficult to implement. Generally, people don’t like change and are sceptical of alterations to policies and procedures. So, when your organisation changes its Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), how do you ensure staff understand and embrace the new change, so it becomes “just how we work around here?”  Organisations are also required

How do you support workers to understand complex regulations?

Over the past few years, many organisations operating in highly complex and regulated environments (agriculture, construction and forestry) have identified that areas of non-compliance are directly related to the complexity of the legislation, regulations and codes that workers are required to follow. Factors include the sheer volume and difficulty of the requirements to understand and apply, diverse workforces that may

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