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Through training courses and consulting, Leadership Dimensions provides emerging and experienced leaders with the skills and knowledge required to be an effective leader and manager in today’s fast paced environment.

With the ‘war for talent’ becoming a significant issue for organisations, the performance, productivity, well-being, and retention of staff has never been more important.

For 30 years, this has been Leadership Dimensions’ specialty, offering comprehensive leadership training courses, consulting and development programs focused on key areas such as leadership development, management skills, team building, communication skills, and strategic thinking.

Sometimes clients ask:

  • How do supervisors motivate and inspire others?
  • What support can I provide my existing and new leaders?
  • How do you defuse conflict in a team?
  • How can leaders communicate with clarity, congruence and conviction?
  • How do we create an inclusive and innovative workplace culture?
  • My team often changes, how do I merge new team members into an existing team?
  • What makes a good leader?
  • Why do I need both leadership and management skills?

What is common to all these statements is human behaviour. At LDN, we are a leading provider of leadership training courses and specialise in shifting human behaviour and communication, which are both critical skills for today’s leaders in business. We have worked with senior and up-and-coming leaders to refine their skills and engage and create high-performing and productive teams. We bring this experience and contemporary thinking to all Leadership Dimensions solutions.

Accredited qualifications offered by Leadership Dimensions brand include:

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