Learning About Learning


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What is the Learning About Learning workshop about?

Learning is integral to every job – but have you explored how you and others learn most effectively? Given every job role involves either learning or teaching others, have you invested in understanding the learning process?

If you’re committed to enhancing learning within your workplace our new ‘Learning About Learning’ workshop is crucial for anyone involved in leadership, instructional design, training or coaching.

Join us for an enriching two-day journey, diving deep into the natural learning process and mechanics of learning. This workshop draws on the expertise of Dr Bernice McCarthy, alongside the foundational research of renowned theorists like Jung, Piaget, Vygotsky, Dewey, Lewin, and David Kolb, the ‘father’ of experiential learning.

Discover the innovative ‘4MAT® system’, a method refined by Dr McCarthy to meet diverse learning needs effectively, ensuring everyone gains crucial insights, skills, and knowledge.

This globally recognised approach has been shaping exceptional learning experiences for over 40 years and comes to life in our workshop.


Whether you’re managing designers and trainers, delivering content, or leading teams, this workshop will elevate your understanding and application of effective learning strategies, you can apply at work and at home.

Benefit from the insights of LDN’s Melissa Williams who has worked directly one-on-one with Dr McCarthy and has personally upskilled the LDN team.

The workshop also explores three powerful tools used by over half a million people worldwide to create more dynamic and effective learning environments by understanding and catering to different cognitive and learning preferences.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your approach to learning and development.

Join us for the ‘Learning About Learning’ workshop and start a journey that changes how you think about education and training. Fill out the contact form to express your interest.

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