Safety Dimensions supports all staff to become safety leaders. In doing so, we transform cultures, empower employees to prioritise safety and reduce organisational exposure to workplace incidents. In turn, this positively impacts an organisations bottom line.

Sometimes clients ask:

  • Why are injuries still occurring, when our safety stats are good?
  • Why aren’t our safety stats improving when we have policies and procedures in place?
  • Why are staff not reporting hazards, risks or near misses?
  • Why are some of our people still making mistakes which result in injuries?
  • How can I be sure people are making safe choices even when we are not watching?
  • How can I get my team to understand safety is everyone’s responsibility – not just the safety team?
  • How do I engage my team’s hearts and minds?

Common to all these questions is human behaviour. Safety Dimensions are specialists in shifting human behaviour. For the past three decades, Safety Dimensions has taken this speciality and applied it to the world of work, health, and safety, with remarkable results.

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‘Everyone who leaves for work should expect to return home in good health.
A serious workplace injury or death changes lives forever – for families, friends, communities, co-workers and organisations. Returning home to the people you love is the most important reason to create a safe workplace.’

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