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Coffs Harbour Bypass Prework for Day 2
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On Day Two, you will be communicating a form of work instruction to others. The instruction might be something Coffs Harbour Bypass related, or something personal you would like to teach. For example, it might be how to complete a risk assessment, conduct an inspection, adhere to a policy or procedure, create a PowerPoint presentation, use any tool of the trade, make a famous sandwich, knit, draw or even braid hair.

The instruction is not important; what’s important is a demonstration of clear, impactful communication.

Your small group communication must include you developing and using props or materials, i.e., something physical to help visually demonstrate your point – remember, communication is not just words.

Your small group communication will be to no more than 3-4 people and is to last no longer than five minutes.

All parts of this pre-work must be completed. Please provide as much detail as possible.

A copy of your answers will be sent to this email address. Please ensure you use the same email address as used to sign up to this course.