4 leadership mistakes, people at office table

Being a leader means you’re tasked with many responsibilities, across managing people and teams, organisational expectations and performance. Not every leader is awesome at all aspects of leading teams – below are four common mistakes you may be making.

1. No vision

Without a clear vision compelling your team into action, does your team know what you’re all trying to achieve at a top level? And why should they care?

2. Not developing your people

Are you setting goals to support a growth mindset and creating an opportunity for your people to develop? If not, you’re wasting their potential to move themselves, yourself (as their leader), and the organisation forward.

3. Not knowing where to focus your energy.

With so much to manage, do you know what the best use of your time and resources are? Not being able plan and prioritise your people and resources is a recipe for disaster.

4. Not delegating

Burnt out? Micro-managing because you can’t let go? Chances are you’re doing too many things your team should be responsible for. You are also stifling their development. You need to find the balance between a hands-off approach and micromanaging. Look at additional training and development you think they lack and plan regular check-ins while they’re doing their job so you can concentrate on your priorities.