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As part of your Wannon Water Psychological Safety Workshop, we have unpacked what the psychosocial hazards are and you’ve identified the three most pressing hazards for your team, but the work doesn’t stop there! Next, we’ll uncover your team’s exposure to other psychosocial hazards and associated risks.

Assessing these factors helps you pinpoint critical areas requiring attention, guiding your efforts in reducing potential harm and fostering resilience among team members.

Psychosocial hazards assessment

Psychosocial hazards assessment - Wannon Water
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Your responses to this assessment will contribute towards a report that will gather data relating to psychological safety at Wannon Water at both a departmental and organisational level.  Your data will be anonymous.  By completing this assessment you are agreeing to the data being captured as part of the report. When completing the assessment you are asked for your email address, however this is only requested so a copy of your results can be returned to you.