Hiring an apprentice means committing to giving them the training, skills, knowledge and mentoring needed to help them to excel in their role.

Businesses are always implementing new ways to improve internal WHS standards and there is a huge benefit in having workers qualified in WHS on-site.

Training your apprentice in a work health and safety qualification means they’ll understand the WHS Act and the legal obligations that they, their employer, and everyone on-site is required to work under.

Tasks for a health and safety qualified apprentice may include preparing safety documentation, doing workplace risk assessments, spotting hazards and contributing to Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS).

As an employer, you’ll be helping to meet your WHS obligations by having an additional set of eyes on keeping everyone on-site safe. For the apprentice, having these skills also makes them more valuable and employable throughout their career as they can take on roles like safety officer and WHS manager.