Worker memorial day graphic

Workers’ Memorial Day takes place annually around the world on April 28 and is an International Day of Remembrance and action for workers killed, disabled, injured, or made unwell by their work.

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It’s a day to remember and honour those who have suffered in the course of their work, highlight the preventable nature of most workplace incidents and advocate for safer work environments worldwide to prevent further tragedies. The slogan for the day is Remember the dead – Fight for the living.

On the same day, the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) theme for World Day for Safety and Health 2024 explores the theme Climate Change and Occupational Safety. Changing weather patterns can create work health and safety risks including heat stress, UV radiation, air pollution, major industrial accidents, extreme weather events, more vector-borne diseases and increased exposure to chemicals. Extreme weather events are increasingly likely to disrupt the normal operation of many businesses.

According to the ILO, “numerous health effects on workers have been linked to climate change, including injuries, cancer cardiovascular disease, respiratory conditions, and effects on their psychosocial health. There has been an increase in the estimated number of deaths among the global working-age population due to exposure to hot temperatures.”

As we commemorate World Day for Safety and Health at Work, let’s renew our commitment to creating safer workplaces, mitigating climate-related occupational risks, and ensuring the health and safety of workers worldwide.